Hello. I'm Dan Bissonnet: a web designer and developer working in London. I've been freelancing since 2006 and specialise in building sites for people using WordPress.


I like to work with smaller businesses and individuals – it keeps things more personal and is more rewarding for everyone. Sometimes I work in collaboration with other talented people to get the best possible result for my clients.

Feel free to have a look at some of my work.

WordPress Developer

Most of my sites are built using WordPress - a well-established free content management system. Clients like its easy interface for updating their site and it has enough power and flexibility to meet your business' demands.

Available for web work in London and beyond

If you you would like to work with me to build your next site (or improve your existing one). Just drop me a line and I'll be happy to advise you on the next step.

I'm currently available for freelance work so Hire me!


Email: dan [the at symbol] danisadesigner [dot] com
Twitter: @dbisso
GitHub: github.com/dbisso